Echo Voice - In the Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright ®

by jstevens ()


Echo Voice: the name alone tells us a great deal about this fine work of art. Far- from static, here the artist presents us with an explosion of fragmented circles etched upon segments of crescent shaped glass. A joyous interplay of curvilinears arranged so that a voice of harmony echoes between them. The subtlety and translucency of this medium seem particularly well suited to this glimpse of moonbeams that dance about their celestial landscapes. Profoundly influenced by nature, this piece is truly In the Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright. Each award is signed by the artist and a $10 contribution will be made to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture on behalf of your purchase. A romance booklet about this award and your donation is included for your presentation. ©1997, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Price: $241.00
Product Size: 8.5"h x 7"w

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